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是At thE shAnghAi musEum吗

1 用at 合适,当然用in 也可以。 2 以汉语拼写打头的地名前一律不用任何冠词,直接说At Shanghai Museum. 楼下改错不完整。

加the 那个上海博物馆

Did you  visited the shanghai museum?

英文原文: shanghai museum 英式音标: [ˌʃæŋˈhaɪ] [mjuːˈzɪəm] 美式音标: [ˌʃæŋˈhaɪ] [mjuˈziəm]

翻译为:上海历史博物馆在哪? 希望能帮到你~

Although it was a gloomy day with flurry, it doesn’t matter if you could take it as a special enjoyment. As we dated, I got up at 8:30 with a tired body because of two nights' overnight "work". When I was about to arrive there,...

will Mark visit……(后面照抄) your parents are going to arrive at 10 oclock first they are going to visit ……

一般加了The 的只是名词之前表示是特指某一类,或者表示一种集群的结构 比如 family和the family 表示家人一个群体而不再是家庭的意思!!

Shanghai Museum 英 [ˌʃæŋˈhaɪ mjuˈzi:əm] 美 [ˌʃæŋ'haɪ mjuˈziəm] 上海博物馆 Last friday, I happened to meet an old buck in Shanghai museum. 上星期五, 我在...

1.Shanghai Museum of History is very wonderful, I hope to go there again . (上海历史博物馆是非常棒的,我希望能再次去那里。) 2.Welcome to the Shanghai History Museum again,I am looking forword to meeting you soon. (欢迎再次到上...

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