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1.Is Dan family poorer than before?

7. I'll show you the rooms in my house. 8. Let's put some dishes on the table. 9. How many classes do you have each school day? 10.Let's look at the weather report for today!

The sign means that taking photos is not allowed. We can plant trees to protect the surface of the soil. They will leave early in order to avoid the busy traffic. He tried to carry as many things as he could to help me. It is n...


She was a model for the people around the world. 她曾经是全世界人民的榜样。 She tried to live her life without any regret. 她曾试图没有任何遗憾地过她的生活。 What can you learn from Helen Keller? 你可以从海伦凯勒身上学到什么? ...

Did you go anywhere in winter? Was it very cold there? The man is tall and thin. There was a big ice city. Please show me the dress.

let's make a cake this afternoon. 第一个字母要大写喔

答-幼儿园大班的孩子们画画,老师拿出一张水彩画,画上有个--小男孩--拿着--照相机--正--给--前苏联文学家--高尔基--照相,随后 老师把这幅画粘在--墙报上和其它的画--贴在--一起。

1、Sam played football yesterday./ 2、Lingling watched TV last evening. 3、He played the piano yesterday . 4、He bought an ice-cream yesterday .

Which season do you like best? When is April Fool's Day? What do you often do on Mid-Autumn Day? What will you do for your mum? When is your father's birthday?

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